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Monday, July 27, 2009

Gosh...It's been a while....

So sorry to leave for a bit. It has been crazy summer days....as I'm sure most of you know!
Tonight starts another season of football..and I love it! 3 of my 4 boys play, and the only reason number 4 isn't is because he has to wait one more year. Needless to say, he isn't happy about it! I love it when football rolls around. It means that fall is just around the corner, and fall is my absolute time of year. I love it! I love the break it gives from the heat, I love the smells, and I love the excitement I feel in the air. Yes, it's still summer, but football season gets me excited for my fave time of the year. I also get back into my "creating mode", which, for some reason, leaves me in the summer. I love to pack my projects to practice every night. Sure, people look at me weird, but that's ok. It's what I like to do. I am going to add one thing this year though. I am going to walk the trail every night before I settle in my chair to watch my boys practice.
So, there is a bit of ramblings for you. I just wanted to let you know that I am on my way to creativity again, which is going to bring new patterns, tutorials, and insights to my blog. (I wish I could come up with a better word for blog,,,it sounds so blah!)
Have a great day, and I will be back soon to share with you what I am up to. ;)