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Monday, August 24, 2009


My kitchen table is filled with all sorts of stuff from fabric to paper, good stuff to garbage, and cuteness to frustration. I have been working on my stuff for the show at Marci's. These are the latest ...aren't they cute? I am working on these like crazy because I love how they are turning out. Each one is unique...and oh so fun!


SO said...

So cute! You are so creative

Marci said...

so cute! suggestion...put a picture in them, just a random cute picture of someone...it will help them sell better.
love em though!:D

Dan,Lisa,Zeak,Jake,Kaci said...

very cute. I am actually looking for something that is yours it is a stitchery pattern for 12X12 frame and a different pattern for each month. My grandma had it and I was hoping to see the full set I can't get your website to work. If this sounds like yours I would love to see it and buy the pattern.Thanks

Pugmire family said...

Wow how fun! I came across your name today at Gardner Village in West Jordan UT. I saw a Christmas stitchery pattern for a Dr. Seuss quote and really want to make some. The store only had one left. Will your site be up and running soon? Can I purchase them through you? I would LOVE to buy some.
-Thanks!I will keep checking back!

Tanya said...

Hey Lisa and Carissa...I emailed you!