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Friday, September 25, 2009

Directions to the BIG EVENT

I took these directions from The Fallow Farm Blog. Hope to see you all there! There are some incredibly talented gals vending this show. Come over and check it out!

~Directions to the Show~

There are so many ways to get here...I'll try to cover all of the bases.

If you are coming north on I-15...
exit on 1600 N. in Orem, it is right by The Home Depot. Come straight through that light going north and you will come to a round-a-bout. Go through that until you are facing west. You will be on 800 W. in Lindon. Go straight until you come to 300 N which is also Lakeview Rd. Turn right and we are on the south side of the street.

If you are coming south on I-15. Same directions only turn left when you get off the freeway and then left again at the next light.

If you are coming on State Street....we are the road just to the south of Utah-Idaho Map Supply. It is the next road south of Los Hermanos. At State it says 200 N but it turns into Lakeview. Go straight down that road and we are almost to the end on the south side.

If you are taking Geneva Road...turn on Center Street in Lindon. It is also the road that the church cannery is on if you are familiar with that. You will come to 800 W. take a left and we are the next road on the right. 300 N.

There will be some signs to direct you (hopefully!) and we will be the only decorated, crazy house on the block!!! ;D

I'm so excited to see all of you!!!!!