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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Friends....how great are they!!!

Seriously! How great are friends? I think they rock! I don't know where I would be without mine. I love that I met my best friend in 7th grade health class, and ended up marrying him. I love how I can see my friend at the bus stop and end up standing there on the sidewalk and talk for over an hour and wish that we could talk longer. I love that I can go to dinner with a bunch of friends with the intent of eating dinner and swapping our cards, and end up laughing until we are crying and almost peeing our pants. I love that I can go and get my hair done and talk with my friend and know that I can say anything and it won't shock her, and that she will understand what I'm talking about. I love that she can do the same with me. I love that I grew up with my friend, who is also my sister. I love that my mom is my friend. I love that I learn from friendships lost. I love that I have a red headed friend that is true to her red hair...and that's a great thing!!! I love that I lived by one of my truest friends for 4 years, and even though we don't talk a lot, or see each other much, yet whenever we do see each other it is a true friendship that picks up where we left off last. I love that I have friends that I have only met in person once or twice, yet it feels like I have known them my whole life. I love that I have friends that teach me things, and they don't even know they are doing it. I love these people that I call my friends! Don't you just love your friends?


Just SO said...

I completely agree. Friends are great.

Jessica said...

I didn't know you and your hubby met in Jr. High! Were you guys High School sweethearts? Scott and I met in Jr. High, but it was far from love at first sight and we definitely weren't High School sweethearts!

Celeste said...

Am I that red-head??!!! LOL!!! I totally LOVE you! You are among my best friends!!!