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Friday, March 12, 2010

Recipe Friday..Slow Cooker Irish Stew

Since St. Patty's Day is next week, and this is Recipe Friday before that holiday...I think it would be a great time to make Irish Stew.  I have never made it before so I googled it...and there are a ton of variations of it out there.  I am a simple gal...I don't have a ton of time to prepare food on any day but Sunday because I am so stinkin' busy..aren't we all?  So I found one for a slow cooker that I think looks really easy!  Want to try it with me???  I have an idea...let's all make a stew on St. Patrick's Day and let each other know how it goes.  Sound good???
Here's the recipe I found....

Crockpot Irish Stew
1 1/2 lbs. stew meat
3 lg. potatoes
3 lg. stalks celery
3 to 4 carrots, pared and sliced
2 1/2 large size can tomatoes
1 slice bread, cubed
3 tbsp. Minute tapioca
Salt and pepper to taste
Bay leaf (optional)
1 med. onion
Cut vegetables into large chunks (may be done evening before). Mix meat, vegetables with bread and tapioca. Place in crockpot; turn on high; pour tomatoes over top of vegetables. DO NOT STIR. After about an hour, turn to low and cook for 6 or 7 hours. With corn muffins or French bread, your dinner is ready with not much mess or fuss.
And...I hope you have a great weekend.  I will try to get my Photowalk #9 posted in the next couple of days!  See you soon!


Marci said...

-k so are you and kelly 'true badgers'? ;D the girls who gave us a tour explained to the girls, in front of their mothers, what it took to be a true badger. let's just hope she never is one!

road trips to come fer sure.