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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I want you to help with this one!

OK. So here's the thing. I have made a goal to go to every state in the US before I die. I want to see it all! My goal is to visit a different state every year or so. But I want to see it all now. So this is where I need your help..ok so I want your help. I want to see pics from where you live, have visited, etc. I don't want them to be pics that are picked up off the internet, but pics that have been taken by you! So are you in? I so hope so!
How it will work...email the pics to me at huckleberrycottage@yahoo.com and I will start posting them here. Don't forget to sign your name to them, and tell me where the pics are from. And let's not just limit this to the states, but the whole world. So spread the word, and start sending me pics k?