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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I'm sure that this post will be for my benefit only. I'm sure I don't have many visitors anymore. And I'm so sad about that.
So yes...it has been a very long time since I last posted. There are so many reasons for this...some personal and some not so personal...but the point is this: I'm ready to blog again. I have had quite a few things happen in the past few months, from being a mom of 4 extremely busy boys, to PTSA presidenting, to room momming, to health problems in my family and extended family. I'm not saying my life sucks. I'm not saying that my life is all roses either, but to be honest...I can say that I DO LOVE MY LIFE! I love the good and the bad that is dealt to me every day. It's easy, hard, fun, not fun, happy and sad...all at the same time sometimes. And for these reasons, I have put things on the backburner....especially things that I love...that bring me personal joy. So what's the point to this rambling? I am ready to bring them back to the front burner...slowly. I have given myself the break I needed, and I'm ready to better my life, temporally and spiritually. To better my family. To better my friendships. To better my skills and talents. To better my curiosities.
So in the next while I hope you will bare with me...if you are even still here....as I get order back into my life. As I explore new ways to better a lot of aspects in my life. And hopefully give me your advice!
This post may only make sense to me, and that's ok. I need to get my feelings and thoughts down in black and white. And I plan on doing this more often now. I miss it. And I'm ready for it back.
Thanks for listening to me ramble....


Pat said...

Hi Tanya! I'm still here. Glad you are coming back - I've enjoyed your posts in the past. Looking forward to hearing what's on your heart. Blessings, Pat in Delaware

Jessica said...

Yay! Still here! You blog is always so cute! Glad to hear you'll be bringing it back.

Marci said...

it's actually red and gold...ha ha ha!
i'm still here...glad your back!