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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Excitement

I am super excited for Spring. I am always wishing that I had planted bulbs in my yard when Spring rolls around every year....but I have a favorite bush in my front yard that I watch intensely everyday for it to sprout it's buds and bloom. Here is what is doing right now....
I absolutely love this time of year. To me it represents the renewing of life, family traditions, birthdays (all of my kids bdays are in the Spring), freshness, cleanliness, excitement, and beauty.
I love it! And I can't wait until it is in bloom with white balls of flowers!!

And check out who lives with us now. Kort brought him home from school and his name is "Cheo". Very fitting don't you think? He greets me every time I am in the kitchen...which is very often!
Well, I am off for a walk, possibly a ride, to take pictures of the Springy things I love around where I live. I'll keep you posted!!
Have a great day...and tell me...what do you love about the Spring?


Jessica said...

I think just the sight of green and new life in general does the soul good--even when interspersed with rain and snow! I have the most gorgeous mystery tree out in front of my house with light pink blossoms. I look forward to it all winter long!

Marci said...

hey i have a chia pet just like that one! it is right on the window sill above my sink and it's all sorts of cheery.:D