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Thursday, March 8, 2012


Well, I know that I have said it before, but I'm back.  I don't know that anyone will notice or not, hopefully yes, but I have misssed the joy that blogging brings to me.  It kinda kicks me in the toosh to create so I can post.  It helps me want to get creative and do the things I love.  So here I am, saying I'm back!  I want to create again.  Want to take pics again.  Want to chat with cyberland out there again.  So hopefully there will be some friends come back and read, and hopefully new ones too.So, the group of friends that I did card club way back when decided to start meeting again.  Some of us that is.  Everyone's lives change and some have moved and some simply don't have the time.  Anyways....we started meeting again last month.  We have new friends that come, and some just come to mingle and talk, and some of us still exchange cards.  It was awesome.  Here is the card I created for that night.  So simple, and sooooo easy, yet I like them.  Be posting more soon.  Whether it be stuff I've done, things I want to try, or just chatting....I'll be back!