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Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day!

6 More Weeks...

Of Winter! Phil saw his shadow today. I know it's silly, but Groundhog Day is still here...does Phil the groundhog really know? What do you think? And what are you all going to do for 6 more weeks of winter?
I just received a big order for pillows and stuff, so I will be busy stitching and sewing away for a while. I am so excited!!! I am excited to sell finished items as well as new patterns.


Celeste said...

Damn that punxatony phil!!!

Marci said...

i agree with celeste! yay for you and your big order!!!
i would've taken you right along with me to loa without you even having to sneak!:D we had lots of fun and yes you do need to go with me to do something!