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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thank You Marci!!!

So I have had a really really bad couple of days. First of all, I missed a lunch that I really wanted to go to. You see, there is this little clan of gals that I only know some of them personally. This was a lunch that I was going to be able to meet them, not like meeting them through writing on a blog, but really meet them. I didn't get to go. I have some very sick kids, and on top of that all hell broke loose yesterday. Well, Keegan, one of "the kids", just isn't getting better, so I took him to the doctor today. Bad news there too!!! He will be ok, but just not today or for a few days for that matter. On my way to the doctor, one of my greatest friends called me to check on me. She told me that I had a treat waiting for me at home...and here is what was waiting for me..... Marci,,,,,THANK YOU! Besides this being one of the cutest things ever, it really touched my heart. I will call you personally and tell you, but at the moment I would just be blubbering in your ear! But for real, this means a lot to me! It has been a really really bad couple of days! Thank heavens for friends...real friends. The ones you can not see for years, and when you end up living by each other everything is even better than it was before.


Celeste said...

Awe -- girl! What's up? How can I help you!!? Maybe Kort could come play tomorrow?

Marci said...

well way to make me cry.;) i love ya and hope that things get better soon.