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Friday, January 22, 2010

52 Photowalks - Week 3

Yesterday, I was sitting in the car with my sister waiting for my mom to come for a day of shopping. I looked over at this birdhouse in my front yard, and there was the cutest mama bird (I say she was a mama because I imagine she was tending her home) sticking her cute little face out of the window. I am delighted that she has made herself at home. I have been waiting to see her poke her head out again....
but for now...I will keep watching her front doorway and wait for her to say "Hi."


Mindy said...

Oh, so sweet! I hope you capture the mama bird sometime! I love your photos. :)

Rae Ann said...

Tanya....I love your blog!!! I added your button to my sidebar so my friends could learn about you and your talent with stitchery. I
still haven't learned how to stitch! LOL!!!